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Below is a list of the regular practices that at Top Banana we carry out to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus, many of the below things
Top Banana would carry out in our normal working practices at the Pre-School. If you have any specific questions please email us – Click here.

The below forms part of the full risk assessment that Top Banana have carried out as requested by the DfE,
if you wish to read the Full Risk Assessment there is a button at the base that will allow this.

Parents/Carers will not be able to enter the premises.

Attendance to Top Banana Pre-School will be restricted to Children and Staff.

Temperatures will be taken on arrival and anyone with a high temperature will be sent home.

Visitors will not be permitted into the Pre-School unless essential (e.g Building maintenance).

All Children and staff wash their hands on arrival and regularly throughout the day, when they return from breaks and before and after eating.

Each staff member will be allocated their own toilet that the children will not use.

Touch points and hand washing points will be cleaned and sanitised after every visit.

Staff members will avoid any physical contact with other staff members, eg handshakes.

No transitional objects from home will be permitted (eg toys of any description). Where a transitional object form home is required to support a Childs wellbeing, staff will consider keeping a ‘duplicate’ object at the Pre-School.